Santa Claus Articles

Many Annual Traditions Rely on Santa Claus

Santa Claus is Still as Popular as Ever

Consider how many Christmas traditions are closely linked to one major character in our annual Christmas celebrations: Santa. There are so many traditions that are linked to Santa Claus, and these traditions only came about as the popularity of Santa Claus grew. Christmas is a magical time of year, and try to consider for a moment just how many annual traditions go hand in hand with the role of Santa Claus.

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The History of Santa Claus’s Wife

Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus are the Golden Couple of the Christmas Season

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without Santa Claus, and the history of Santa Claus spans centuries. So, when exactly did Santa Claus get married?

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Is Santa Clause Real?

The Story Behind “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause”

The girl behind the story “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause” was actually very real, and this story is actually true. If you thought Virginia was a fictional character, you’re sorely mistaken. A girl named Virginia O’Hanlon is the actual person behind this now-legendary story.

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The History of Santa Claus

Interesting Santa Claus Facts

Christmas is approaching, and that means Santa will is getting ready for the busiest part of his year. While many of us just take Santa and his Christmas spirit for granted, there is actually a man behind the legend. However, the real St. Nick didn’t really look anything like the jolly old guy we see today. If you’re wondering why Santa looks the way he does and who is responsible for his present-day attire, read on…

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Make Sure You Celebrate Christmas AND St. Nicholas Day This December

What Exactly is St. Nicholas Day?

This December in addition to your usual Christmas day festivities, why not celebrate St. Nicholas Day too? A St. Nicholas Day celebration can be a great way to brighten up December and get in the spirit of the Christmas season. But what exactly is St. Nicholas Day and why should you celebrate it? Read on to find out!

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St. Nicholas of Myra

Everything you ever wanted to know about the original St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas is the jolly old fellow from which our modern day Santa Claus evolved. Most people know that stories of Santa originated with St. Nicholas, but few really know anything about the true St. Nicholas, the man behind the legend.

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Jolly Ole’ Santa Clause

Has the tradition of Santa Clause confused the meaning of Christmas?

Santa Clause comes to mind at the mere mention of Christmas. Children love Santa Clause and are almost always excited about gifts from Santa.

Because of so much focus on Santa Clause during the holiday season, many people worry that the tradition of Santa Clause confuses the meaning of Christmas for children.

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Speaking of Traditions – The Story of Santa

Santa, the North Pole, Santa’s Elves and Santa’s Reindeer

Santa is that jolly, old soul that brings Christmas to life for children. The story of Santa is mystic and gives children a lot to look forward to during the Christmas season. They are simply fascinated by Santa, the North Pole, Santa’s elves and of course, Santa’s reindeer.

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The Tradition of Santa Claus

From Turkey to the United States — The Santa Claus legend

Santa Claus is the jolly, old bearded fellow dressed in red that lives at the North Pole and travels the world over on Christmas Eve with his reindeer pulling his sleigh bringing gifts down chimneys to good boys and girls everywhere.

Santa Claus is believed to have a naughty and nice list that tells him which children have been good — a prerequisite to getting Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. While a lot of people practice the tradition, many don’t know the legend behind the world renowned Santa Claus.

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