Light a Christmas Candle This Year

The soft, inviting glow of the Christmas candle has been a part of Yuletide tradition for centuries, so why not light one yourself this Christmas?

In this era of electric lighting, the classic Christmas candle has fallen out of use in many households. But it’s a tradition worth resurrecting, because Christmas candles not only add beauty to the holiday, they offer deeper meaning that lends greater significance to the tradition.

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Our Debt to Victorian Christmas Traditions

Here in America, we can trace many of our shared Christmas customs back to Victorian Christmas traditions

You might think that Victorian Christmas traditions are dead relics of a bygone era, considering that they originated at least a century and a half ago. But the truth is, most of the Christmas traditions we enjoy today are directly rooted in Victorian customs.

Let’s take a look at a few.

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Fun Family Christmas Traditions

Most of us enjoy family Christmas traditions that go beyond just putting up a tree and drinking eggnog… and what’s to stop you from creating new ones?

While just about everyone follows the basic Yuletide customs inherit to our culture, most of us also embellish the holidays with unique family Christmas traditions. Maybe your gang reads Clement Moore’s “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” together on Christmas Eve, or attends midnight Mass.

Special candies may also be traditional for you, or maybe your folks made sure at least one of the kids got the token lump of coal in their stocking. Here’s a sweet one: some families stick a candle into an angelfood cake and sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

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Sehr Gut! Classic German Christmas Traditions to Enjoy

Yuletide traditions we Americans celebrate derive from German Christmas traditions… but there are a few you may not have heard of

Christmas remains a magical holiday, but German Christmas traditions make it even more so. We already thank Germans for the Christmas tree, of course, but on the enchanted German Christmas, water turns to wine, animals talk to humans, church bells ring from the bottom of the sea, and more.

Only the completely pure of heart experiences this type of Christmas magic, of course. Which leaves out most of us over the age of, oh, three or so. However, there are other traditional German Christmas events that any of us can enjoy.

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Developing New Christmas Traditions of Your Own

One of the wonderful things about Christmas is all the traditions—and the fact that new Christmas traditions are easy to establish

The concept of new Christmas traditions may seem self-contradictory, considering that the term “tradition” generally applies to some old practice that’s been going on forever. But hey — at some point, every old Christmas tradition was new. They have to get started somehow!

Which is why I believe you shouldn’t hesitate to start a new Christmas tradition with your family–something you all look forward to when Christmas rolls around. Even if it’s just playing Final Fantasy together, that doesn’t mean it’s not a tradition.

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What Are Your Favorite Christmas Colors?

The traditional Christmas colors are pretty much standard all over the world. In this article, we tell you why

Everyone knows that the standard Christmas colors are green and red, and if pressed, some of us might come up with a few others, especially white and maybe blue. Thank Elvis for that last one, but why the rest?

You might think that the reasons are obvious, and you’d basically be right. But let’s explore some more complex reasons.

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Joyeux Noel! Fun French Christmas Traditions

French Christmas traditions are familiar to some Americans and Canadians, especially Quebecois and Cajuns — but they’re new to most of us

Like many Americans, I’m pretty much a mutt when it comes to national heritage, but I’ve always been fascinated with French Christmas traditions. After all, my folks decided to name me “Noel”, which is French for Christmas! And somewhere in there, I surely have a French ancestor or two.

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Traditional Mexican Christmas Decorations

Most Mexican Christmas decorations are familiar to us Americans, but some remain uniquely Mexican

While the American visitor to Mexico during the holidays won’t find much to be surprised by, charming and unique Mexican Christmas decorations still dazzle your eyes. In addition to the basic Christmas tree balls and Hallmark ornaments, our friends down south add some interesting variations.

Curious about Mexican Christmas dĂ©cor? Then by all means, let’s take a look!

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The Ultimate in Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions surprisingly vary…in fact, exactly when you celebrate Christmas is probably the ultimate tradition

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is that it’s amazingly inconsistent. Christmas traditions celebrated from family to family (much less from culture to culture) varies widely. That might bother some people, but I find it alluring.

Imagine: a new way to celebrate my favorite holiday. And even better, we legitimately get to celebrate Christmas three times a year!

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Christmas Legends to Warm the Heart: The Christmas Tree

Christmas legends are part of the fun and fabric of the holiday… but what do you know about the legend of the Christmas tree?

Christmas legends make up a comfortable part of any Christmas. For example, the story of the Magi, Santa’s origins, the Night Before Christmas, and, if you’re from certain parts of the world, the purpose of the mysterious Black Peter provide excellent examples of Christmas legend.

But there are some things about Christmas that most of us just take for granted, unaware that they have any legendary significance at all. Take that Christmas tree, for example. Do you know the Christmas tree legend?

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