The Traditional Christmas Tree

Fact versus fiction in the origin of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree questions give rise to many legends, some of which are unfounded. There are many tales about the origin of the Christmas tree including claims that the first Christmas tree was introduced by Martin Luther and that the tradition was borrowed from Pagans.

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The Tradition of Santa Claus

From Turkey to the United States — The Santa Claus legend

Santa Claus is the jolly, old bearded fellow dressed in red that lives at the North Pole and travels the world over on Christmas Eve with his reindeer pulling his sleigh bringing gifts down chimneys to good boys and girls everywhere.

Santa Claus is believed to have a naughty and nice list that tells him which children have been good — a prerequisite to getting Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. While a lot of people practice the tradition, many don’t know the legend behind the world renowned Santa Claus.

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Family Christmas Traditions

How to make your very own unique and special Christmas traditions that stir hearts and make memories

Christmas traditions are many; however, Laura Legend says some of the very best Christmas traditions start with your own family.

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