Christmas Tree Articles

Christmas Legends to Warm the Heart: The Christmas Tree

Christmas legends are part of the fun and fabric of the holiday… but what do you know about the legend of the Christmas tree?

Christmas legends make up a comfortable part of any Christmas. For example, the story of the Magi, Santa’s origins, the Night Before Christmas, and, if you’re from certain parts of the world, the purpose of the mysterious Black Peter provide excellent examples of Christmas legend.

But there are some things about Christmas that most of us just take for granted, unaware that they have any legendary significance at all. Take that Christmas tree, for example. Do you know the Christmas tree legend?

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Create a Lifetime Memory with a Christmas Ornament Tradition

The Christmas ornament tradition – A treat for every child

When my first child was born, my mother-in-law started a Christmas ornament tradition in our family that has been a special treat for all of my children. She has carried on this tradition for the last 24 years creating a tradition that my children adore.

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Tree Decorating Christmas Traditions

Create Christmas traditions — Make decorating the tree a fun memorable time

If your Christmas decorating has become a chore that sends family members scurrying to well thought out hiding places, bring the fun back by creating Christmas traditions. A fun tradition to start is a tree decorating party.

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Christmas Superstitions About Trees

Unusual Christmas superstitions about everyone’s favorite decoration! The Christmas Tree

It’s hard to write too many articles about Christmas superstitions involving your tree — there are literally hundreds of stories, legends, and myths about trees. So no matter how much of a Christmas buff you may be, there might be a few superstitions you have yet to encounter.

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Christmas Tree Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

A Few Christmas Tree Facts

Most of us put up the Christmas tree each and every holiday — mostly for tradition’s sake. After all, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree goes up. But do you know much about the history of Christmas trees? Here are some interesting facts…

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The Origin of the Modern-Day Christmas Tree

When Was the Christmas Tree Born?

There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Christmas tree, with some people insisting it has “pagan” roots. So does the Christmas tree really have nothing to do with Christianity, or is the pagan theory a myth? The origin of the modern-day Christmas tree has an interesting and complex origin that spans more than fourteen centuries. If you’re interested in this fascinating bit of history about a common Christmas tradition, grab a warm mug of cocoa and read on.

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The Traditional Christmas Tree

Fact versus fiction in the origin of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree questions give rise to many legends, some of which are unfounded. There are many tales about the origin of the Christmas tree including claims that the first Christmas tree was introduced by Martin Luther and that the tradition was borrowed from Pagans.

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