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How Did The Tradition of Christmas Presents Begin?

Did We Always Give Christmas Presents?

Today is Christmas Eve and tonight and tomorrow the giving and opening of Christmas presents begins! But when, exactly, did this Christmas tradition start? I mean, I’m sure Jesus got presents on His birthday, but I highly doubt His family was giving presents to everyone around them to celebrate His birth. Here are some speculations about the tradition of Christmas presents.

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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas gift ideas based on cultural traditions

Unique Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come up with, but exploring various cultural traditions can give you some very unique Christmas gift ideas!

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Traditions that Christmas Presents

Christmas presents interesting traditions in Italy and France

Christmas presents a time of gathering, gift giving and celebration. Families, friends, and even acquaintances exchange Christmas presents and share the holiday spirit.

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Start Your Own Holiday Tradition with a Christmas Gift Basket for Everyone on Your List

6 fabulous ideas for a home-made Christmas gift basket

A Christmas gift basket is a wonderful gift for an individual or for a family at Christmas time. Making a hand-made Christmas gift basket is really easy and makes for a special gift. Christmas gift basket giving can even become a tradition that the recipients always look forward to.

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5 fabulous Christmas Craft Projects for the Whole Family

Building family traditions and heirlooms with Christmas craft projects

Christmas craft projects are a wonderful family tradition. With Christmas craft projects you don’t only create great heirloom items, but you also spend quality time with the family making memories that are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

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Thanksgiving Christmas Shopping Traditions

5 tips for successfully shopping the Thanksgiving Christmas sales

Thanksgiving Christmas shopping may not be a legend, but is certainly a tradition for many. Laura Legend loves to shop almost as much as she loves exploring legends and customs such as the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Lovely Christmas Flowers

The history and significance of Christmas flowers

Christmas flowers are a wonderful addition to the spirit of the holiday season. Christmas flowers are sometimes used as decorations. Many people send Christmas flowers as gifts at Christmas time.

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The Very First Christmas Gift

All about the Christmas gift that changed the world

Do you know about the very first Christmas gift? The Christmas gift that changed the world…

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Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Where did the tradition of giving Christmas gifts come from?

Christmas gifts have become a huge part of the Christmas holiday. Just about everyone who celebrates Christmas exchanges Christmas gifts. It is interesting that, with the general belief that Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birthday, so many people give Christmas gifts to one another.

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