Christmas Food Articles

Tired of Turkey? Try a Christmas Goose Instead

Once upon a time, the Christmas goose was the standard holiday entrée. Why not try it again?

Back in the olden days (or so the stories tell us), the Christmas goose was a common Yuletide dining tradition. Remember that song that goes, “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat”? Now you know why that mattered. That song was new back when hardly anyone in Europe had ever tasted turkey.

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Why the Christmas Turkey?

Nowadays, the Christmas turkey seems the inevitable holiday meal — but that hasn’t always been true.

Ever given any thought as to why such a humble thing as the Christmas turkey has become a nearly universal tradition? And no, I’m not talking about the musical album of the same name by the Arrogant Worms, which is hilarious and has its place, but alas, dates only from 1997.

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The Christmas Pudding Tradition

Another Yuletide tradition we can thank the British for is the Christmas pudding. If you haven’t tried it, why not cook one up this year?

Ever dug into a fine, plummy Christmas pudding? Well… unless you’re British, probably not. As much as we Americans owe the Brits for our general holiday traditions, Christmas puddings just didn’t seem to transplant to these shores.

But if you’re looking for an interesting culinary experience to add an Old World accent to your Christmas holiday, it’s worth giving this fine old tradition a new try.

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All About Australian Christmas Traditions

Australian Christmas traditions aren’t just limited to a extra shrimp on the bar-bee and an ice cold Foster’s…though those do have their place

To understand Australian Christmas traditions, you have to understand that Aussies are upside-down, seasonally, in comparison to us Americans. If that’s difficult to process, just imagine going to the beach on Christmas Day.

So, yeah. Maybe things are a little different from what most of us would suspect. They definitely don’t sing “White Christmas” down there, mate!

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Tips for Having a Spectacular Traditional Christmas with All the Trimmings

Need tips to pull together your traditional Christmas? Here’s how

Everyone has visions of a picture perfect traditional Christmas at one time or another. If you’ve tried to achieve this picture of perfection with lasting memories for your family before, only to fall short and maybe on your face, here are some tips to help you have that special Christmas dinner for your family and still be able to enjoy it.

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Follow these Christmas Food Superstitions for Good Luck in the New Year

Sweet Treats Can Bring Some Good Christmas Luck.

Ever wondered if you should pay attention to those Christmas food superstitions? Is there a simple yet traditional dish you can whip up and throw a little luck into the mix? Follow these recipes for good luck in the near future!

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The History of Eggnog at Christmas

Eggnog is an Annual Christmas Tradition with Interesting Roots

If you love the great beverage options that are a part of the Christmas season, you might be wondering about the history of eggnog. There are many beverages associated with the winter months, particularly during the holiday season. During December many of us enjoy hot apple cider, hot cocoa, and, of course, eggnog. Below you’ll find some interesting information about the history of eggnog during the Christmas season.

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Christmas Eve Holy Supper and the Christmas Season

What is Christmas Eve Holy Supper?

The Christmas Eve Holy Supper is a central part of holiday celebrations for some families, and how it is celebrated varies depending on country, specific religious affiliation, and even family. Some countries have a much more elaborate fast in addition to Christmas Eve Holy Supper, and one such lengthy fast is called the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.

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The History of Christmas Fruitcake and Mince Pies

Two Christmas Food Customs that Began in England

There are two Christmas food customs that originated in England are almost always associated with the Christmas season: mince meat and fruitcake. If you live in the U.S. you’re acquainted with eating pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or perhaps pear pie or apple pie at Christmas, but you might have never heard of mince pies. In England, mince pies are a regular part of the annual Christmas celebrations. Curious about what mince pies are and how they play into the Christmas tradition? Well I’m happy to share that with you!

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