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Will You Be Burning a Yule Log This Year?

If a fireplace graces your home, why not revive a classic tradition and burn a Yule log?

Once upon a time, a Yule log burned in the hearths of most Western homes come Christmas Eve — if only because most homes had fireplaces back then. There weren’t many options for keeping warm in the winter before the wonders of modern technology, after all.

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Where Are the Uniquely American Christmas Traditions?

Christmas traditions are wonderful… but the thing about being a relatively young country is that we don’t have many of our own.

Christmas is two thousand years old, but America is only one-tenth that. No wonder we don’t have many of our own unique Christmas traditions.

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Fun Family Christmas Traditions

Most of us enjoy family Christmas traditions that go beyond just putting up a tree and drinking eggnog… and what’s to stop you from creating new ones?

While just about everyone follows the basic Yuletide customs inherit to our culture, most of us also embellish the holidays with unique family Christmas traditions. Maybe your gang reads Clement Moore’s “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” together on Christmas Eve, or attends midnight Mass.

Special candies may also be traditional for you, or maybe your folks made sure at least one of the kids got the token lump of coal in their stocking. Here’s a sweet one: some families stick a candle into an angelfood cake and sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

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12 Christmas Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Do You Know These 12 Christmas Myths?

Every holiday has its myths, but Christmas seems to have more than its fair share. Urban legends and old wives tales abound during this holiday season. Think you know fact from fiction? Here’s the scoop on some of the most popular Christmas myths.

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Some Christmas Facts About Common Christmas Myths

Getting To the Bottom of Christmas Facts and Christmas Myths

If you celebrate Christmas you probably know the basics of the facts. Jesus lived, died and rose again to save us all. However, the way we celebrate Christmas and what we assume are Christmas facts may actually be nothing more than Christmas Myths. Wondering what’s true and what’s not? Here’s the truth about some common Christmas myths.

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The History of Christmas Fruitcake and Mince Pies

Two Christmas Food Customs that Began in England

There are two Christmas food customs that originated in England are almost always associated with the Christmas season: mince meat and fruitcake. If you live in the U.S. you’re acquainted with eating pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or perhaps pear pie or apple pie at Christmas, but you might have never heard of mince pies. In England, mince pies are a regular part of the annual Christmas celebrations. Curious about what mince pies are and how they play into the Christmas tradition? Well I’m happy to share that with you!

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