Christmas Articles

Traditional Christmas Songs Everyone Loves

Christmas carols are one thing, but how about those other Christmas songs we all sing along with on the radio?

One of the things I love most about December is singing traditional Christmas songs, although I do have to admit that I get a tad sick of hearing the same ten repeated over and over in the stores, one right after the other. Especially that crybaby version of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.”

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What Are Your Favorite Christmas Colors?

The traditional Christmas colors are pretty much standard all over the world. In this article, we tell you why

Everyone knows that the standard Christmas colors are green and red, and if pressed, some of us might come up with a few others, especially white and maybe blue. Thank Elvis for that last one, but why the rest?

You might think that the reasons are obvious, and you’d basically be right. But let’s explore some more complex reasons.

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Revisit Classic Christmas Literature with the Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The best Christmas literature meets the best Christmas pageant

When Barbara Robinson penned a piece of childrens’ Christmas literature, she had no way of knowing she was writing an instant classic. But that’s what happened: “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” skyrocketed off the shelves and into instant, and almost magical, status.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is an extremely short chapter book, probably aimed at second or third grade students. But children and adults alike have enjoyed the tale for more than twenty years. Therefore, it’s a Christmas classic.

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The Polar Express: Christmas Literature at its Finest

Everyone who loves Christmas literature should read The Polar Express!

It’s hard to separate children and Christmas, and when it comes to children’s Christmas literature, The Polar Express captures that fusion perfectly. Author Chris Van Allsburg is known for his imaginative storytelling and rich illustrations (he also penned such imaginative classics as The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and Jumanji), and his talent shines through every page of this beautiful story.

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Thanksgiving: What You Thought You Knew But Didn’t

The Thanksgiving Controversy

Of all the things Thanksgiving can be, who’d have thought it was controversial? Yes, something as wholesome as this traditional American holiday has controversy all around. What’s the hullabaloo all about? Seems some have differing opinions on who really started Thanksgiving and what it was all about…

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The Way We Celebrate Christmas Has Changed

Has Christmas Become Too Commercialized?

Sometime during the last 2,000 years Christmas became a very commercialized holiday. The face of Christmas has changed. Christmas used to be a more festive and warm holiday. Nowadays, Christmas is highly commercialized. What ever happened to the days when children received just a gift or two? Currently, most children have grand expectations of receiving a tree full of gifts. With all the hustle and bustle, the spirit of the Christmas season has been lost.

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The History of Christmas Abbreviations

Is Xmas a New Abbreviation for the Word Christmas?

Many people abbreviate Christmas by writing “Xmas.” However, some people consider using an abbreviated form of Christmas to be offensive. These two conflicting viewpoints can be resolved when we learn more about the history of using Xmas as an abbreviation for Christmas.

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The History of Christmas

Learn About the Customs that Preceded Christmas

Christmas is approaching, but it is very likely that the day Christians celebrate as Christ’s birth was not the date of his actual birth at all. Christmas is an integral celebration of Christianity, but it seems that it occurs during December for reasons that many people aren’t aware of. So why is Christmas celebrated in December? You might be surprised when you learn the answer.

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Are Poinsettias Really Dangerous?

The Truth about the Dangers of Poinsettias

Are poinsettias really dangerous? You’ve no doubt heard the rumors that poinsettias are deadly when ingested. Those with pets and children are constantly warned not to buy poinsettias during the holiday season. With Christmas quickly approaching, you might be wondering if there any truths to the myth and whether or not you should keep the plant in your home this holiday season.

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A Christmas Story

Generation to generation – a Christmas story that will never be forgotten

A Christmas story is something that brings families together on the holidays. A Christmas story can be fun, cheerful and based on legendary traditions, or it can be truly enlightening.

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